DSA-4275 keystone
DSA-4274 xen
DSA-4273 intel-microcode
openSUSE: 2018:2407-1: important: the Linux Kernel
openSUSE: 2018:2405-1: moderate: php7
openSUSE: 2018:2406-1: moderate: clamav
openSUSE: 2018:2404-1: important: the Linux Kernel
openSUSE: 2018:2402-1: moderate: qemu
openSUSE: 2018:2400-1: important: samba
openSUSE: 2018:2399-1: important: Security ucode-intel
openSUSE: 2018:2397-1: moderate: apache2
openSUSE: 2018:2396-1: important: samba
Indian Bank Loses $13.5m in Global Attack
UK Identity Fraud Falls but Online Scams Rise
Nigerian National Convicted for Phishing US Universities
Debian: DSA-4276-1: php-horde-image security update
DSA-4276 php-horde-image
DSA-4277 mutt
SciLinux: Moderate: mariadb on SL7.x x86_64
SciLinux: Important: qemu-kvm on SL7.x x86_64
openSUSE: 2018:2343-1: moderate: aubio
Hackers Target Instagram, Users Blame Russia
Washington Man Sentenced in Ransomware Conspiracy
Election Websites, Backend Systems Most at Risk of Cyberattack in Midterms
Fedora 28: wpa_supplicant Security Update
DSA-4272 linux
NHS Patient Data at Risk from Historic Breach: Report
DSA-4270 gdm3
Ubuntu 3736-1: libarchive vulnerabilities
openSUSE: 2018:2313-1: moderate: cgit
openSUSE: 2018:2309-1: moderate: mailman
openSUSE: 2018:2310-1: moderate: sddm
openSUSE: 2018:2308-1: moderate: cgit
Managing risk in the modern world
#DEFCON Vote Hacking Village Refute NASS ‘Unfair’ Claims
Butlin’s Customers Face Anxious Holiday After Breach Alert
Debian: DSA-4271-1: samba security update
DSA-4271 samba
openSUSE: 2018:2316-1: moderate: lxc
ArchLinux: 201808-8: thunderbird: multiple issues
Debian: DSA-4270-1: gdm3 security update
Debian LTS: DLA-1465-1: blender security update
openSUSE: 2018:2307-1: moderate: Recommended NetworkManager-vpnc
openSUSE: 2018:2306-1: moderate: libvirt
PGA of America Struck By Ransomware
#DEFCON DHS Says Collaboration Needed for Secure Infrastructure and Elections
#DEFCON Government Attacks and Surveillance Continue to Increase
The Enigma of AI & Cybersecurity
NSA Brings Nation-State Details to DEF CON
#DEFCON L0pht Reunite to Find Security Unimproved