As the Government Shutdown Drags on, Security Risks Intensify
RedHat: RHSA-2019-0095:01 Low: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.7 EUS Final
Ubuntu 3860-1: libcaca vulnerabilities
Firms fined $1M for SingHealth data security breach
UK Banks Finally Issue New Cards After Ticketmaster Breach
Fedora 29: openssh Security Update
Fedora 29: php-horde-Horde-Form Security Update
Fedora 28: php-horde-Horde-Form Security Update
Fedora 28: unrtf Security Update
Mageia 2019-0036: aria2 security update
Mageia 2019-0037: libvncserver & x11vnc security update
Mageia 2019-0038: nss security update
SUSE: 2019:0096-1 moderate: soundtouch
DSA-4369 xen
DSA-4368 zeromq3
Debian LTS: DLA-1634-1: wireshark security update
SciLinux: Important: libvncserver on SL7.x x86_64
Ubuntu 3860-2: libcaca vulnerabilities
CentOS: CESA-2019-0049: Important CentOS 7 systemd
RedHat: RHSA-2019-0059:01 Important: libvncserver security update
Fedora 29: kernel Security Update
DSA-4367 systemd
RedHat: RHSA-2019-0049:01 Important: systemd security update
New Linux Systemd security holes uncovered
Governments need to embrace AI for the good of the people
Slackware: 2019-013-01: zsh Security Update
openSUSE: 2019:0048-1: important: irssi
openSUSE: 2019:0048-1: important: irssi
openSUSE: 2019:0050-1: moderate: aria2
openSUSE: 2019:0051-1: moderate: sssd
Debian: DSA-4367-1: systemd security update
ArchLinux: 201901-7: python2-django: content spoofing
ArchLinux: 201901-6: python-django: content spoofing
DSA-4366 vlc
Fedora 29: polkit Security Update
Hacker ‘BestBuy’ sentenced to prison for operating Mirai DDoS botnet
Facebook staff discussed cashing in on user data, reports say
Debian: DSA-4366-1: vlc security update
openSUSE: 2019:0022-1: important: gthumb
openSUSE: 2019:0042-1: important: java-1_7_0-openjdk
openSUSE: 2019:0045-1: important: LibVNCServer
openSUSE: 2019:0020-1: moderate: gpg2
openSUSE: 2019:0044-1: important: haproxy
openSUSE: 2019:0043-1: important: java-1_8_0-openjdk
openSUSE: 2019:0019-1: moderate: discount
openSUSE: 2019:0021-1: important: libgit2
Fedora 29: mingw-nettle Security Update
Fedora 28: mingw-nettle Security Update
Slackware: 2019-011-01: irssi Security Update
DSA-4365 tmpreaper