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SUSE: 2021:412-1 suse/sle15 Security Update>
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Amazon textbook rental service scammed for $1.5m
DSA-4986 tomcat9
DSA-4985 wordpress
Debian LTS: DLA-2785-1: linux-4.19 security update>
TrickBot Gang Enters Cybercrime Elite with Fresh Affiliates
Missouri Vows to Prosecute ‘Hacker’ Who Informed State About Data Leak
LANtenna hack spies on your data from across the room! (Sort of)
Employee offboarding: Why companies must close a crucial gap in their security strategy
Acer hacked (for the second time this year)
Disrupt adversaries and prevent identity fraud with Recorded Future Identity Intelligence
Debian: DSA-4987-1: squashfs-tools security update>
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When it comes to ransomware, your fightback should start long before you’re attacked
White House ransomware summit calls for virtual asset crackdown, without mentioning cryptocurrency
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Client-side content scanning as an unworkable, insecure disaster for democracy
DSA-4987 squashfs-tools
Ubuntu 5091-3: Linux kernel (Azure) regression>
Rickroll Grad Prank Exposes Exterity IPTV Bug
DSA-4984 flatpak
WhatsApp’s got your back(ups) with encryption for stored messages
Google’s VirusTotal reports that 95% of ransomware spotted targets Windows
RedHat: RHSA-2021-3873:01 Important: Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management>
Verizon’s Visible Wireless Carrier Confirms Credential-Stuffing Attack
Mageia 2021-0479: python-mpmath security update>
Don’t get phished! How to be the one that got away
3D printing site Thingiverse suffers breach of 228,000 email addresses amid sluggish disclosure
Analysis of 80 million ransomware samples reveals a world under attack
CryptoRom Scam Rakes in $1.4M by Exploiting Apple Enterprise Features
Podcast: 67% of Orgs Have Been Hit by Ransomware at Least Once
S3 Ep54: Another 0-day, double Apache patch, and Fight The Phish [Podcast]
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Debian: DSA-4985-1: wordpress security update>
US invites friends to multilateral cybersecurity meetings – Russia and China strangely absent
RedHat: RHSA-2021-3856:01 Important: httpd security update>
SUSE: 2021:407-1 suse/sles12sp4 Security Update>
Ad-blocking browser extension actually adds ads, say Imperva researchers
RedHat: RHSA-2021-3851:01 Important: Red Hat 3scale API Management 2.11.0>
Smashing Security podcast #247: Rickrolling submarine secrets
Ransomware Series: Video 2
FreakOut Botnet Turns DVRs Into Monero Cryptominers
Romance scams with a cryptocurrency twist – new research from SophosLabs
Microsoft thwarts record‑breaking DDoS attack
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