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DSA-4778 firefox-esr
DSA-4777 freetype
Google patches Chrome zero‑day under attack
French IT outsourcer Sopra Steria hit by ‘cyberattack’, Ryuk ransomware suspected
openSUSE: 2020:1707-1: moderate: Recommended mailman>
SUSE: 2020:14521-1 important: xen>
Feds: Iran Behind ‘Proud Boys’ Email Attacks on Democratic Voters
RedHat: RHSA-2020-4315:01 Important: firefox security update>
RedHat: RHSA-2020-4310:01 Important: firefox security update>
RedHat: RHSA-2020-4312:01 Important: rh-maven35-jackson-databind security>
Time for a mobile privacy reset?
Fort Bragg fails to keep a firm grip on its Twitter account, as it blames hacker for saucy tweets
RedHat: RHSA-2020-4311:01 Important: firefox security update>
Over one million WordPress sites receive forced update to security plugin after severe vulnerability discovered
Samsung to introduce automatic call blocking on Android 11-capable flagships
Sopra Steria hit by cyber attack. IT services group suspected of falling victim to ransomware
Iran sent threatening pro-Trump emails to American Democrats, Russia close behind, says US intelligence
Smashing Security podcast #201: Robin Hood, Flippy, and the web ad bubble
Thought the FBI were the only ones able to unlock encrypted phones? Pretty much every US cop can get the job done
DSA-4776 mariadb-10.3
DSA-4775 python-flask-cors
Bug Parade: NSA Warns on Cresting China-Backed Cyberattacks
Coronavirus outbreak triggered a rush of online attacks against retail loyalty schemes, Akamai reckons
Cisco Warns of Severe DoS Flaws in Network Security Software
How much does Oracle love you? Thiiiis much: Latest patch bundle has 402 fixes
Oracle Kills 402 Bugs in Massive October Patch Update
How safe is your USB drive?
Egregor Claims Responsibility for Barnes & Noble Attack, Leaks Data
Chrome zero-day in the wild – patch now!
SUSE: 2020:2980-1 critical: the Linux Kernel>
SUSE: 2020:2980-1 critical: the Linux Kernel>
Cybercriminals Step Up Their Game Ahead of U.S. Elections
Ubuntu 4587-1: iTALC vulnerabilities>
Google Patches Actively-Exploited Zero-Day Bug in Chrome Browser
The Recorded Future Express browser extension – elite security intelligence for zero cost
Mageia 2020-0392: kernel security update>
Mageia 2020-0390: geary security update>
8 video chat apps compared: Which is best for security?
RedHat: RHSA-2020-4295:01 Moderate: rh-postgresql96-postgresql security>
How cybercriminals play the domain game
OpenStack haven OpenDev yanks Gerrit code review tool after admin account compromised for two weeks
Top tip, everyone: Chinese hackers are hitting these 25 vulns, so make sure you patch them ASAP, says NSA
Ransomware Group Makes Splashy $20K Donation to Charities
DSA-4774 linux
VMware patches, among other things, ESXi flaw that can be abused by miscreants on the network to hijack hosts
Adobe Fixes 16 Critical Code-Execution Bugs Across Portfolio
Russian “government hackers” charged with cybercrimes by the US
Facebook: A Top Launching Pad For Phishing Attacks
Microsoft issues two emergency Windows patches
Pharma Giant Pfizer Leaks Customer Prescription Info, Call Transcripts