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Security and safety of AI systems
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ANSSI-BP-028 security recommendations updated to version 2.0
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Fedora 40: chromium 2024-5acee8c47f Security Advisory Updates
Fedora 40: cyrus-imapd 2024-f3e0255c75 Security Advisory Updates
Microsoft bigwig says the Feds catching Chinese spies in Exchange Online is the cloud working as intended
DSA-5710-1 chromium – security update
US Space Force wanted $77M to reinforce GPS – and Congress shot it down
Oracle Ads have had it: $2B operation shuts down after dwindling to $300M
Ukrainian cops collar Kyiv programmer believed to be Conti, LockBit linchpin
Watch out! CISA warns it is being impersonated by scammers
Google’s Privacy Sandbox more like a privacy mirage, campaigners claim
Oracle8: ELSA-2024-3784: thunderbird Moderate Security Advisory Updates
Oracle8: ELSA-2024-3783: firefox security Moderate Security Advisory Updates
Oracle8: ELSA-2024-3755: idm:DL1 security Important Security Advisory Updates
Oracle7: ELSA-2024-3760: ipa security Important Security Advisory Updates
Oracle9: ELSA-2024-3843: cockpit security Moderate Security Advisory Updates
Oracle9: ELSA-2024-3842: c-ares Low Security Advisory Updates
Student’s flimsy bin bags blamed for latest NHS data breach
Smashing Security podcast #376: iOS 18 for cheaters, and a model cop extortionist?
Time to zero in on Zero Trust?
Crooks crack customer info at tracking device vendor Tile, issue ‘extortion’ demands
Ransomware crew may have exploited Windows make-me-admin bug as a zero-day
White House report dishes deets on all 11 major government breaches from 2023
China’s FortiGate attacks more extensive than first thought
Ubuntu 6830-1: libndp Security Advisory Updates
No Phishing Allowed: Building a Culture of Cybersecurity Smarts
SUSE: 2024:2005-1 important: kernel-firmware-nvidia-gspx-G06, nvidia-open-driver-G06-signed Security Advisory Updates
SUSE: 2024:2009-1 moderate: curl Security Advisory Updates
SUSE: 2024:2008-1 important: the Linux Kernel Security Advisory Updates
Battered and bruised 23andMe faces probe after hack that stole seven million users’ data
SUSE: 2024:2002-1 important: cups Security Advisory Updates
SUSE: 2024:2003-1 important: cups Security Advisory Updates
Let’s kick off our summer with a pwn-me-by-Wi-Fi bug in Microsoft Windows
DSA-5709-1 firefox-esr – security update
Pure Storage pwned, claims data plundered by crims who broke into Snowflake workspace
WeLiveSecurity wins Best Cybersecurity Vendor Blog award!
Cylance clarifies data breach details, except where the data came from
UK and Canada’s data chiefs join forces to investigate 23andMe mega-breach
Ubuntu 6817-2: Linux kernel (OEM) Security Advisory Updates
SUSE: 2024:1980-1 low: poppler Security Advisory Updates
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