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Fedora 33: mingw-openjpeg2 2021-e145f477df>
Fedora 33: openjpeg2 2021-e145f477df>
Fedora 34: openjpeg2 2021-c1ac2ee5ee>
Fedora 34: mingw-openjpeg2 2021-c1ac2ee5ee>
Unpatched Bugs Found Lurking in Provisioning Platform Used with Cisco UC
DSA-4930 libwebp
Baby Clothes Giant Carter’s Leaks 410K Customer Records
REvil Hits US Nuclear Weapons Contractor: Report
Google fixes actively exploited Chrome zero‑day
BackdoorDiplomacy: Upgrading from Quarian to Turian
UK tells UN that nation-states should retaliate against cyber badness with no warning
Cyberpunk 2077 Hacked Data Circulating Online
ALPACA – the wacky TLS security vulnerability with a funky name
Monumental Supply-Chain Attack on Airlines Traced to State Actor
ArchLinux: 202106-30: wireshark-cli: denial of service>
ArchLinux: 202106-29: kube-apiserver: insufficient validation>
ArchLinux: 202106-28: nettle: denial of service>
ArchLinux: 202106-27: isync: arbitrary code execution>
ArchLinux: 202106-26: python-websockets: private key recovery>
ArchLinux: 202106-25: python-urllib3: denial of service>
Police Grab Slilpp, Biggest Stolen-Logins Market
EA Games looted by intruders: Publisher says ‘no player data accessed’ after reported theft of FIFA 21, Frostbite source
Hackers Steal FIFA 21 Source Code, Tools in EA Breach
Complexity is the biggest threat to cloud success and security
Smashing Security podcast #231: Sexy snaps and encrypted chat traps
Seven-year-old make-me-root bug in Linux service polkit patched
China arrests over 1000 for using cryptocurrency to help launder proceeds of phone scams
‘Fancy Lazarus’ Cyberattackers Ramp up Ransom DDoS Efforts
DSA-4929 rails
DSA-4928 htmldoc
Chrome Browser Bug Under Active Attack
STEM Audio Table Rife with Business-Threatening Bugs
Gelsemium: When threat actors go gardening
Microsoft: Big Cryptomining Attacks Hit Kubeflow
Steam Gaming Platform Hosting Malware
JBS Paid $11M to REvil Gang Even After Restoring Operations
S3 Ep36: Trickbot coder busted, passwords cracked, and breaches judged [Podcast]
RedHat: RHSA-2021-2380:01 Important: servicemesh-operator security update>
Chrome zero-day, hot on the heels of Microsoft’s IE zero-day. Patch now!
Student Loans Company splashes out on 20,000 cybersecurity training courses – for just 3,300 employees
Ubuntu 4971-2: libwebp vulnerabilities>
RedHat: RHSA-2021-2375:01 Important: postgresql:13 security update>
South Korea’s data watchdog barks warnings at Microsoft and five local firms
RedHat: RHSA-2021-2372:01 Important: postgresql:12 security update>
Ransomware-skewered meat producer JBS confesses to paying $11m for its freedom
RedHat: RHSA-2021-2370:01 Important: container-tools:3.0 security update>
RedHat: RHSA-2021-2371:01 Important: container-tools:rhel8 security update>
ALPACA gnaws through TLS protection to snarf cookies and steal data
Huawei flings open the doors of its third privacy and security transparency centre
Risk and reward: Nefilim ransomware gang mainly targets fewer, richer companies and that strategy is paying off, warns Trend Micro