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Virus screener goes down, Intel patches more chips, Pegasus government spying code spreads across globe
openSUSE: 2018:2801-2: moderate: obs-service-refresh_patches
openSUSE: 2018:2810-1: moderate: aubio
openSUSE: 2018:2723-2: ffmpeg-4
openSUSE: 2018:2809-1: important: python-Django1
openSUSE: 2018:2797-2: critical: hylafax+
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openSUSE: 2018:2525-2: moderate: phpMyAdmin
DSA-4300 libarchive-zip-perl
Hackers steal $60 million from Japan’s Zaif cryptocurrency exchange
Critical Vulnerability Found in Cisco Video Surveillance Manager
Twitter: Don’t panic, but we may have leaked your DMs to rando devs
Couldn’t give a fsck about patching? Well, that’s your WordPress website pwned, then
DSA-4298 hylafax
Twitter Flaw Exposed Direct Messages To External Developers
Delphi Packer Looks for Human Behavior Before Deploying Payload
Apple’s dropping Back To My Mac Remote Access. Here’s an Alternative, Currently Discounted.
Unpatched Microsoft Zero-Day in JET Allows Remote Code-Execution
Enigma message crack honours pioneering Polish codebreakers
Hackers target Newegg with “sophisticated malware”; steal credit card data
California man may get 6 months in prison for uploading Deadpool on Facebook
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Attackers crack Newegg’s defenses, slurp customers’ credit card data
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