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DSA-4765 modsecurity
DSA-4764 inspircd
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openSUSE: 2020:1468-1: moderate: slurm_18_08>
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The TikTok Ban: Security Experts Weigh in on the App’s Risks
Stubborn WooCommerce Plugin Bugs Get Third Patch
Online fraud prevention biz fails to prevent CEO’s alleged offline fraud
SecOps Teams Wrestle with Manual Processes, HR Gaps
Security Takeaways from the Great Work-from-Home Experiment
Plugging in a strange USB drive – What could possibly go wrong?
Maze Ransomware Adopts Ragnar Locker Virtual-Machine Approach
A real-life Maze ransomware attack – “If at first you don’t succeed…”
Bad news for ‘cool dads’ trying to bond with their teens: China-owned TikTok and WeChat face US download ban by Sunday
Google’s awkward stalkerware typo said it was ok to spy on your spouse
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openSUSE: 2020:1100-1: important: singularity>
openSUSE: 2020:1181-1: Security update of chromium>
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Managing the security of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment with Red Hat Insights
Hospital patient dies following botched ransomware attack
Iran’s RampantKitten spy crew were snooping on expats and dissidents for six years
Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe
Feeling bad about your last security audit? Check out what just happened to the US Department of Interior
Microsoft open-sources fuzzing test framework
Mozi Botnet Accounts for Majority of IoT Traffic
Apple Bug Allows Code Execution on iPhone, iPad, iPod
Video encoders using Huawei chips have backdoors and bad bugs – and Chinese giant says it’s not to blame
Sports data for ransom – it’s not all just fun and games anymore
Google Play Bans Stalkerware and ‘Misrepresentation’
APT41 Operatives Indicted as Sophisticated Hacking Activity Continues
GCHQ agency ‘strongly urges’ Brit universities, colleges to protect themselves after spike in ransomware infections
California Elementary Kids Kicked Off Online Learning by Ransomware
The Dunkin’ Donuts data breach leaves a very bad taste in the mouth
Ubuntu 4514-1: libproxy vulnerability>
Hackers pumped and dumped GAS cryptocurrency for $16.8 million, alleges US DOJ
Zerologon – hacking Windows servers with a bunch of zeros
Ubuntu 4513-1: apng2gif vulnerability>
The Intel vPro Platform is ‘Built for Business’ – what this means to you
RedHat: RHSA-2020-3779:01 Important: Red Hat Data Grid 7.3.7 security update>
Ubuntu 4510-2: Samba vulnerability>
You have to be very on-trend as a cybercrook – hence why coronavirus-themed phishing is this year’s must-have look
Mageia 2020-0368: libraw security update>
Ubuntu 4512-1: util-linux vulnerability>
Fake Zoom alerts and dodgy medical freebies among COVID-cracks detected by Taiwan’s CERT