Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qtsensors Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qtwinextras Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qtwebsockets Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qtwebkit Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-sip Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qttranslations Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qttools Security Update
Fedora 29: mingw-qt5-qtxmlpatterns Security Update
Fedora 29: lua Security Update
Ubuntu 3872-1: Linux kernel (HWE) vulnerabilities
Ubuntu 3871-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities
Debian LTS: DLA-1645-1: wireshark security update
Debian: DSA-4374-1: qtbase-opensource-src security update
Debian: DSA-4373-1: coturn security update
DSA-4374 qtbase-opensource-src
DSA-4373 coturn
Debian: DSA-4372-1: ghostscript security update
ArchLinux: 201901-16: nasm: denial of service
ArchLinux: 201901-15: haproxy: denial of service
ArchLinux: 201901-12: matrix-synapse: private key recovery
ArchLinux: 201901-13: powerdns-recursor: multiple issues
ArchLinux: 201901-14: apache: multiple issues
ArchLinux: 201901-10: go-pie: private key recovery
ArchLinux: 201901-11: go: private key recovery
Fedora 29: wireshark Security Update
DSA-4372 ghostscript
Debian LTS: DLA-1643-1: krb5 security update
Debian LTS: DLA-1642-1: postgresql-9.4 new minor release
Fedora 28: runc Security Update
Ubuntu 3866-1: Ghostscript vulnerability
Ubuntu 3867-1: MySQL vulnerabilities
Mageia 2019-0049: php-pear-HTML_QuickForm security update
Mageia 2019-0050: libcaca security update
Mageia 2019-0051: pdns-recursor security update
Nasty security bug found and fixed in Linux apt
New ransomware strain is locking up Bitcoin mining rigs in China
Sky Go app security failure exposes customers to snooping, data theft
Fedora 29: anaconda Security Update
Fedora 29: curl Security Update
Fedora 29: poppler Security Update
SUSE: 2019:0144-1 important: ghostscript
SUSE: 2019:0146-1 important: webkit2gtk3
SUSE: 2019:0145-1 important: ghostscript
openSUSE: 2019:0082-1: important: ntpsec
Slackware: 2019-022-01: httpd Security Update
Debian LTS: DLA-1639-1: systemd security update
Fedora 28: matrix-synapse Security Update
Debian LTS: DLA-1638-1: libjpeg-turbo security update
Debian LTS: DLA-1636-1: aria2 security update
DSA-4371 apt