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Privacy campaigner flags concerns about Microsoft’s creepy Productivity Score
Ticketmaster: We’re not liable for credit card badness because the hack straddled GDPR day
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VMware urges sysadmins to apply workarounds after critical Workspace command execution vuln found
Gift card hack exposed – you pay, they play
Imagine things are bad enough that you need a payday loan. Then imagine flaws in systems of loan lead generators leave your records in the open… for years
Marketers for an Open Web ask UK competition watchdog to block launch of Google’s anti-tracking Privacy Sandbox
Crooks social-engineer GoDaddy staff into handing over control of crypto-biz domain names
Apple’s global security boss accused of bribing cops with 200 free iPads in exchange for concealed gun permits
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US Air Force deploys robot security dogs to guard base
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End to end encryption? In Android’s default messaging app? Don’t worry, nobody else noticed either
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NCSC’s London HQ was chosen because GCHQ spies panicked at the prospect of grubby Shoreditch offices
UK reveals new ‘National Cyber Force’, announces Space Command and mysterious AI agency
You can protect the company from hackers, but can you protect the company from the CEO?
VMware reveals critical hypervisor bugs found at Chinese white hat hacking comp. One lets guests run code on hosts
In 2016 Australia’s online census failed. Preparations for the 2021 edition have been rated ‘partly effective’
US Senate approves deepfake bill to defend against manipulated media
AWS includes open-source Suricata for stateful inspection with Network Firewall service
Cyberup campaign: 80% of infosec pros fear they might fall foul of UK’s outdated Computer Misuse Act
Anti-adversarial machine learning defenses start to take root
Compsci guru wants ‘right to be forgotten’ for old email, urges Google and friends to expire, reveal crypto-keys
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Trump fires cybersecurity boss Chris Krebs for doing his job: Securing the election and telling the truth about it
Israeli spyware maker NSO channels Hollywood spy thrillers in appeal for legal immunity in WhatsApp battle
Microsoft brings Trusted Platform Module functionality directly to CPUs under securo-silicon architecture Pluton
A visit to a crafted webpage would have been enough for a bad guy to munch all your Firefox for Android cookies
Legendary hacker and L0pht member Peiter Zatko joins Twitter as security chief
Apple’s privacy pledges: We sent dev checks over plain HTTP, logged IP addresses. We bypass firewall apps
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Micropayments company Coil distributes new privacy policy with email that puts users’ addresses in the ‘To:’ field
Cult videogame company Capcom pays a big round $0.00 to ransomware crooks
Street Fighter maker says soz after ransomware hadoukens servers leaving 350,000 folks’ data at risk of compromise
International infosec rules delivered to make nations and non-state actors behave themselves online
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Australia to track Coronavirus encounters with payment card records
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