Spam is Chipotle’s secret ingredient: Marketing email hijacked to dish up malware
Upcoming Android privacy changes include ability to blank advertising ID, and ‘safety section’ in Play store
Israeli authorities investigate NSO Group over Pegasus spyware abuse claims
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Over 100 Taiwanese political figures’ messages leaked outta LINE app
Microsoft researcher found Apple 0-day in March, didn’t report it
Security breaches where working from home is involved are costlier, claims IBM report
Iranian state-backed hackers posed as flirty Scouser called Marcy to target workers in defence and aerospace
UK’s National Cyber Security Centre needs its posh Westminster digs, says Cabinet Office, because of WannaCry
Google revamps bug bounty program
Biden warns ‘real shooting war’ will be sparked by severe cyber attack
Tencent suspends signups to WeChat, citing ‘security upgrade’ and need to comply with Chinese laws
eBay ex-security boss sent down for 18 months for cyber-stalking, witness tampering
Misconfigured Azure Blob at Raven Hengelsport exposed records of 246,000 anglers – and took months to tackle, claim infosec researchers
Scam-baiting YouTube channel Tech Support Scams taken offline by tech support scam
Tech biz must tell us about more security breaches, says as it ponders lowering report thresholds
Apple emergency zero-day fix for iPhones and Macs – get it now!
Compsci student walks off with $50,000 after bug bounty report blows gaping hole in Shopify software repos
It takes intuition and skill to find hidden evidence and hunt for elusive threats
SSD belonging to Euro-cloud Scaleway was stolen from back of a truck, then turned up on YouTube
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Somebody is destined for somewhere hot, and definitely not Coventry
DEF CON offers beginner-level Spot the Fed this year: He’ll be on stage giving a keynote
US court gets UK Twitter hack suspect arrested in Spain
Hole blasted in Guntrader: UK firearms sales website’s CRM database breached, 111,000 users’ info spilled online
Tech support scams subside somewhat, but Millennials and Gen Z think they’re bulletproof and suffer
BT tries to crack cyber crime, grabs stake in Safe Security
Kaseya obtains REvil decryptor, starts sharing it with afflicted customers
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Respect in Security initiative aims to build reporting lines for infosec bods suffering harassment at work, conferences and online
S3 Ep42: Viruses, Nightmares, patches, rewards and scammers [Podcast]
Thales launches payment card with onboard fingerprint scanner
China pushes back against Exchange attack sponsorship claims
NSO Group ‘will no longer be responding to inquiries’ about misuse of its software
US senators warn China’s Digital Yuan could compromise Olympic athletes
Spanish cops cuff Brit bloke accused of playing role in 2020 celeb Twitter hijacking
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Make-me-admin holes found in Windows, Linux kernel
Journo who went to prison for 2 years for breaking US cyber-security law is jailed again
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Northern Train’s ticketing system out to lunch as ransomware attack shuts down servers
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