S3 Ep66: Cybercrime busts, wormable Windows, and the crisis of featuritis [Podcast + Transcript]
UK mulls making MSPs subject to mandatory security standards where they provide critical infrastructure
Privacy is for paedophiles, UK government seems to be saying while spending £500k demonising online chat encryption
‘Now’ would be the right time to patch Ubuntu container hosts and ditch 21.04 thanks to heap buffer overflow bug
NortonLifeLock and Avast tie-up falls under UK competition regulator’s spotlight
Red Cross forced to shutter family reunion service following cyberattack and data leak
Being ‘Threat-Led’ is the answer. Your ISO certificate won’t save you from a breach!
McAfee and FireEye rename themselves ‘Trellix’
Singapore gives banks two-week deadline to fix SMS security
Need to prioritize security bug patches? Don’t forget to scan Twitter as well as use CVSS scores
Sniff those Ukrainian emails a little more carefully, advises Uncle Sam in wake of Belarusian digital vandalism
Faker NPM package back on track after malicious coding incident
Vulnerabilities and censorship tools among hot new features in Beijing’s Olympics app
US mergers doubled in 2021 so FTC and DoJ seek new guidelines to stop illegal ones acknowledges ‘unauthorized activity’ on servers, maintains no funds have been lost
Suse open sources NeuVector container security platform
Serious Security: Apple Safari leaks private data via database API – what you need to know
International police shut down 15 server infrastructures as part of’s takedown
More contractor pain: Parasol’s sister firms, SJD Accountancy and Nixon Williams, confirm cyberattack
Singapore monetary authority threatens action on bank over widespread phishing scam
Why global DDoS protection is essential for Anycast networks
Microsoft patches the patch that broke VPNs, Hyper-V, and left servers in boot loops
Bug in WebKit’s IndexedDB implementation makes Safari 15 leak Google account info… and more
Ukraine blames Belarus for PC-wiping ‘ransomware’ that has no recovery method and nukes target boxen
Romance scammer who targeted 670 women gets 28 months in jail
Umbrella company Parasol Group confirms cyber attack as ‘root cause’ of prolonged network outage
North Korea pulled in $400m in cryptocurrency heists last year – report
Russia starts playing by the rules: FSB busts 14 REvil ransomware suspects
Serious Security: Linux full-disk encryption bug fixed – patch now!
Multi-day IT systems outage whacks umbrella biz Parasol Group amid fears of a cyber attack
Ukraine shrugs off mass govt website defacement as world turns to stare at Russia
REvil ransomware crew allegedly busted in Russia, says FSB
Visibility, immutability, security … a revolutionary approach to fighting off ransomware
Federal Communications Commission proposed stricter rules on how telco carriers should report data breaches
Orca Security tells AWS fail tale with a happy ending
Continuous security and compliance for hybrid cloud, the Red Hat way
Ukrainian cops nab husband and wife suspected to be part of $1m ransomware operation
S3 Ep65: Supply chain conniption, NetUSB hole, Honda flashback, FTC muscle [Podcast + Transcript]
Austrian watchdog rules German company’s use of Google Analytics breached GDPR by sending data to US
Admins report Hyper-V and domain controller issues after first Patch Tuesday of 2022
Volunteer Dutch flaw finders bag $100k to forward national bug bounty goal
Ransomware puts New Mexico prison in lockdown: Cameras, doors go offline
Ransomware demands… a new approach to security
Wormable Windows HTTP hole – what you need to know
Info-saturated techie builds bug alert service that phones you to warn of new vulns
Microsoft starts 2022 with big bundle fixes for 96 security bugs in its software
Make sure you’re up-to-date with Sonicwall SMA 100 VPN box patches – security hole exploit info is now out
Home routers with NetUSB support could have critical kernel hole
EU data watchdog to Europol: You’ve helped yourself to too much data
Secure boot for UK electric car chargers isn’t mandatory until 2023 – but why the delay?