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DSA-3794 munin
Saudi-Iran: Proxy Wars Escalate To Direct Cyber Attacks
DSA-3795 bind9 sends password reset email after CloudBleed bug
DSA-3793 shadow
Cellebrite Can Now Unlock, Extract Data From iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
Was Your Google Account Unexpectedly Signed Out Today? Company Explains Why
Netflix Debuts ‘Stethoscope’ Open-Source Security Tool
Malware Lets a Drone Steal Data by Watching a Computer’s Blinking LED
UK cops can keep millions of mugshots of innocent folks on file
NSA snoops told: Get your checkbooks and pens ready for a cyber-weapon shopping spree
Don’t worry about Privacy Shield, it’s fine. Really. I promise, says US trade watchdog head
Researchers Uncover New Leads Behind Shamoon2
Facebook goes down; comes back with suspicious account activity alert
DSA-3792 libreoffice
Google Researchers Successfully Broke SHA-1 Web Security Tool
Cyber News Rundown: Edition 2/24/2017
Debian: 3792-1: libreoffice: Summary
Fedora 24 kopete-16.12.2-2.fc24
Fedora 25 xrdp-0.9.1-5.fc25
Fedora 25 kopete-16.12.2-2.fc25
Red Hat: 2017:0307-01: kernel: Moderate Advisory
Red Hat: 2017:0316-01: kernel: Important Advisory
Red Hat: 2017:0309-01: qemu-kvm: Important Advisory
Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears
News in brief: Boeing data accidentally emailed; Russian cyber-war boost; alleged hacker arrested
Google uses AI to create troll-spotting tool to clean up comments
Threatpost News Wrap, February 24, 2017
Uber Sued by Google’s Waymo for Stealing its Self-Driving Car Technology
Cloudflare Bug Leaks Sensitive Data
Taxpayers shrug off ID fraud warnings even as attacks rise
Twitter users, do you know who’s spying on your web-surfing habits?
Debugging a kernel in QEMU/libvirt – Part II
It’s raining. It’s pouring. This fake weather app is stealing your credentials
British man arrested after 900,000 broadband routers knocked offline in Germany
Ransomware ‘customer support’ chat reveals criminals’ ruthlessness
CloudFlare Blames Internal Faults for Memory and Client Data Leakage
Facebook or Google: whose messenger AI bot has the edge?
South Korea targeted by cyberspies (again). Kim, got something to say?
Cloudbleed: Big web brands leaked crypto keys, personal secrets thanks to Cloudflare bug
Someone from China is Distributing Mirai Malware Through Windows Botnet
Policy Experts Push To Make Vulnerability Equities Process Law
I was authorized to trash my employer’s network, sysadmin tells court
US ‘security’ biz trio Sentinel Labs, Vir2us, SpyChatter accused of lying about certification
DSA-3791 linux
BitTorrent distribution sites dropping crypto-ransomware on macOS
Google kills SHA-1 with successful collision attack
Bang! SHA-1 collides at 38762cf7­f55934b3­4d179ae6­a4c80cad­ccbb7f0a
Drones can steal data from infected PCs by spying on blinking LEDs
News in brief: San Diego plans data-gathering smart city upgrade; Amazon says no; judge says no