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Debian: DSA-4042-1: libxml-libxml-perl security update
Debian: DSA-4041-1: procmail security update
DSA-4042 libxml-libxml-perl
DSA-4041 procmail
DSA-4040 imagemagick
YouTube terminated its own channel “Citizentube” for multiple or severe violations
Misconfigured Amazon S3 Buckets Exposed US Military’s Social Media Spying Campaign
Researchers demonstrate Amazon Key system can be hacked
Multiple Vulnerabilities in LibXL Library Open Door to RCE Attacks
Germany bans kids smartwatches, asks parents to destroy them
DSA-4039 opensaml2
DSA-4038 shibboleth-sp2
Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets
Amazon Promises Fix to Stop Key Service Hack
Skype faces fine after refusing to allow eavesdropping
Digital certs authority StartCom to shut up shop
Twitter gets tough on white supremacists with new policy
For goodness sake, stop the plod using facial recog, London mayor told
McAfee’s ClickProtect Apparently Infected Devices with Banking Malware
Lloyds’ Avios Reward credit cardholders report fraudulent activity
Kaspersky Investigators Reveal How NSA Hacking Tools Were Stolen
Bug that deleted $300m could have been fixed months ago
KeePass – a password manager that’s cloud-less (but complex)
One-third of internet pounded by DoS attacks
Cyber News Rundown: Edition 11/16/17
Fake news ‘as a service’ booming among cybercrooks
Slackware: 2017-320-01: libplist Security Update
Slackware: 2017-320-02: mozilla-firefox Security Update
Mr. Robot – the security review
openSUSE: 2017:3027-1: important: MozillaFirefox
Kaspersky: Clumsy NSA leak snoop’s PC was packed with malware
Parity: The bug that put $169m of Ethereum on ice? Yeah, it was on the todo list for months
Oracle Issues Emergency Patches for ‘JoltandBleed’ Vulnerabilities
Debian: DSA-4038-1: shibboleth-sp2 security update
Debian: DSA-4039-1: opensaml2 security update
DSA-4036 mediawiki
DSA-4035 firefox-esr
Oracle scrambles to sew up horrid security holes in PeopleSoft’s Tuxedo
Another preinstalled app found on OnePlus that could collect user data
Drone maker DJI left its private SSL, firmware keys open to world+dog on GitHub FOR YEARS
White House Releases VEP Disclosure Rules
Ransomware via RDP – how to stay safe! [VIDEO]
A Boeing 757 was hacked remotely while it sat on the runway