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Gentoo: 201701-56 zlib: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: 201701-55 DirectFB: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: 201701-54 DCRaw: Buffer overflow
Gentoo: 201701-53 Lua: Buffer overflow
Gentoo: 201701-52 libupnp: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: 201701-51 DBD::mysql: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: 201701-50 PPP: Buffer overflow
Gentoo: 201701-49 QEMU: Multiple vulnerabilities
Employment scam targets college students and their bank accounts
Fedora 24 libnl3-3.2.28-4.fc24
DSA-3770 mariadb-10.0
DSA-3769 libphp-swiftmailer
DSA-3768 openjpeg2
Radio Station Transmission Hacked with F*** Donald Trump Song
Researchers condemn unsubstantiated WhatsApp “Backdoor” story by Guardian
Mozilla’s First Internet Health Report Tackles Security, Privacy
India’s Famous Horse Racing Site Hacked with Dharma Ransomware
Protesters Called To Join Inauguration Day DDoS Attack
Rsync errors lead to data breach at Canadian ISP, KWIC Internet
Encrypted email service ProtonMail opens door for Tor users
7 (more) security TED Talks you can’t miss
350,000 Twitter bot sleeper cell betrayed by love of Star Wars and Windows Phone
Researcher claims to expose identity of Mirai Botnet Author
Coalition of Cryptographers, Researchers Urge Guardian to Retract WhatsApp Story
DSA-3767 mysql-5.5
Rap for crap WhatsApp trap flap: Yack yack app claptrap slapped
Hadoop, CouchDB Next Targets in Wave of Database Attacks
News in brief: Note 7 fire cause to be revealed; Trump gives up cellphone; Cortana moves on to Android lockscreen
Debian: 3767-1: mysql-5.5: Summary
Gentoo: 201701-47 cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: 201701-46 Mozilla Network Security Service (NSS): Multiple
Gentoo: 201701-45 irssi: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: 201701-44 CVS: Heap-based overflow