Business email compromise campaigns continue targeting C-level employees despite warnings So-called “whaling” scams attempt to trick high-ranking financial employees into making large wire transfer payments.Read More
Terror-alert spam targets the Middle East, Canada to spread malware Cybercriminals spoof law enforcement officials in Dubai, Bahrain, Turkey, and Canada to send terror-alert spear-phishing emails containing Backdoor.Sockrat.Read More
Japanese corporations targeted with active malware spam campaign Fake emails posing as order confirmations from local Japanese suppliers of printers and components are spreading Infostealer.Shifu. Be aware and be cautious of unsolicited emails.Read More
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Australians beware: Scammers are impersonating the Australian Taxation Office Australian tax payers are receiving malicious emails that infect computers with Downloader.Upatre and Infostealer.Dyre. Read More