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openSUSE: 2017:3223-1: important: GraphicsMagick
openSUSE: 2017:3220-1: important: exim
Keyboard app caught collecting users data after 31M records leaked online
SuSE: 2017:3215-1: important: shibboleth-sp
SuSE: 2017:3213-1: important: MozillaFirefox
SuSE: 2017:3212-1: important: xen
TeamViewer Rushes Fix for Permissions Bug
Data-slurping keyboard app makes Mongo mistake with user data
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Developers Targeted in ‘ParseDroid’ PoC Attack
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Facebook brings Messenger to kids as young as 6
Once again, UK doesn’t rule out buying F-35A fighter jets
PayPal’s TIO Networks breached; PII of 1.6 million users affected
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DJI drones likely spying for China, claims leaked intelligence bulletin
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Google prepares 47 Android bug fixes, ten of them rated Critical
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3382:01 Important: firefox security update