Four hours after being taught the rules of chess, AlphaZero became the strongest player the world has ever seen
Next-gen telco protocol Diameter has last-gen security – researchers
openSUSE: 2017:3244-1: important: chromium
openSUSE: 2017:3245-1: important: chromium
SuSE: 2017:3242-1: important: xen
openSUSE: 2017:3241-1: important: opensaml
SuSE: 2017:3239-1: important: xen
Google AI teaches itself ‘superhuman’ chess skills in four hours
Quantum Computing Is the Next Big Security Risk
The Most Exciting Linux Kernel Stories Of 2017
FCC Chair Ajit Pai Falsely Claims Killing Net Neutrality Will Help Sick and Disabled People
Sloppy coding + huge PSD2 changes = Lots of late nights for banking devs next year
Cyber News Rundown: Edition 12/08/17
Debian: DSA-4057-1: erlang security update
VMware and Carbon Black: you complete me, no you complete me
Ubuntu 3507-2: Linux kernel (GCP) vulnerabilities
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3404:01 Moderate: rh-postgresql95-postgresql security
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3405:01 Moderate: rh-postgresql96-postgresql security
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3402:01 Moderate: postgresql security update
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3403:01 Moderate: rh-postgresql94-postgresql security
Uber disguised $100,000 hacker payoff as bug bounty, claims Reuters
Ubuntu 0033-1: Linux kernel vulnerability
Apple fills the KRACK on iPhones – at last
DSA-4057 erlang
Security industry needs to be less trusting to get more secure
More than 5,000 WordPress websites plagued with Keylogger
Oops! This Android keyboard app accidentally leaked 31 million users’ personal details
Apple gets around to patching all the other High Sierra security holes
Banking Apps Found Vulnerable to MITM Attacks
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3392:01 Important: java-1.7.0-openjdk security and bug
Man turns shed into top rated restaurant on TripAdvisor
Mr. Robot eps3.8_stage3.torrent – the security review
NiceHash cryptomining exchange hacked; everything’s gone
Process Doppelgänging attack affects all Windows version & evades AV products
HMS Queen Lizzie formally joins the Royal Navy
US gov says it can break your encryption without a court order
Virtual keyboard app exposes personal data of 31 million users
Meow! Facial recognition reaches pet doors
Toucan play that game: Talking toy bird hacked
Smashing Security podcast #056: Peeping Toms, prison hacks, and parliamentary passwords
Debian: DSA-4056-1: nova security update
Debian: DSA-4055-1: heimdal security update
RedHat: RHSA-2017-3389:01 Moderate: Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise security,
openSUSE: 2017:3229-1: important: shibboleth-sp
Cryptocurrency mining market NiceHash hacked; $67m might be stolen
NiceHash diced up by hackers, thousands of Bitcoin pilfered
Ashley Madison Found Leaking Private & Explicit Photos of Users
SuSE: 2017:3226-1: important: the Linux Kernel