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Slackware: 2017-172-01: openvpn Security Update
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Fedora 26: libffi Security Update
NSA-Backed Aims to Defend Systems at Machine Speed
Fedora 26: glibc Security Update
Fedora 26: c-ares Security Update
Fedora 26: chromium Security Update
Fedora 26: love Security Update
Smashing Security #030: GDPR – The good and the bad
Debian: DSA-3893-1: jython security update
Debian: DSA-3892-1: tomcat7 security update
Debian: DSA-3891-1: tomcat8 security update
Ubuntu 0024-1: Linux kernel vulnerability
Researcher calls the fuzz on OpenVPN, uncovers crashy vulns
Homeland Security: Putin’s hackers tried to crack electoral networks in 21 US states
DSA-3891 tomcat8
DSA-3892 tomcat7
DSA-3893 jython
US Judge falls for email scam; loses $1 million
Microsoft Extends Edge Bug Bounty Program Indefinitely
Trump’s Cybersecurity Executive Order Under Fire
Gentoo: GLSA-201706-20: Chromium: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: GLSA-201706-19: GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: GLSA-201706-18: mbed TLS: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: GLSA-201706-17: Kodi: Multiple vulnerabilities
Gentoo: GLSA-201706-16: GNU Wget: Header injection
SuSE: 2017:1627-1: important: sudo
News in brief: WannaCry knocks out Honda plant; Skype hit by global outage; NSA shares tools on GitHub
Honda Shut Down Plant Impacted by WannaCry